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Henry Coleman Los Angeles, California
B&B Marketing Management is a professional Branding Organizations that produces immediate results. Immediate Visibility. Immediate Increase in Fan Base, Customer Base and Potential Customer. Pinpoint Advertising Strategies ensure that the necessary people are seeing what is necessary for them to see. BRAVO!!!!
Tim Knapp

"Quick and painless services as well as real guidance. B&B has given me info about branding and packaging an artist that I would more than likely have to pay for. Highly recommended for bringing your brand to a professional level. Will be returning for future campaigns, for sure!"

Denise Boutte Los Angeles, California

B&B Marketing/Management is about that business! I asked them to do something and they did it! They get the job done..Fast! 

Ojilla Tha Trapper Milwaukee,Wisconsin

B&B Marketing/Management…. Is consistent … And bout that business .. very down to earth .. and treated me like family . As far as promotions and plugs .. If you’re trying to give your career that boost .. This is where you need to be .. Thanks ya'll I appreciate the support and the push !!!



Crisis901 Memphis, Tn

Shout out to B&B Marketing/Management for extending a hand in my branding process. These business savvy & connected people got Crisis901 placed on over 10 different blog sites and have me looking uber official out here.

Han Sino

I would like to thank B&B Marketing/Management for the quality of their work, and for the passion they have to make listeners discover new musical universes. 
I highly recommend them.

YaYa Diamond Florida

I have had the pleasure of working hand and hand with B&B and I am very impressed with their business. They do what they say they are going to do, and they do it in excellence. I highly recommend this company for any entertainment needs you may have.

GlobalNotLocal Las Vegas

B&B truly has the tools to make you Bigger and Better! They helped make way for me to become Global Not Local! And you don't feel like a client you feel apart of a family with values and unconditional support, a family that's allowing but with guidance at the same time. Sounds bigger and better right?

K Jr Kaze