Yum Yum's Gourmet Popcorn

We created design and tested conversion rate

In September of 2017, B&B Marketing/Management began working with Yum Yum’s Gourmet Popcorn. The local business serves gourmet popcorn as well as other novelty snacks. With our strategic and customized marketing campaign, our team was able to increase their awareness and sales by a whopping 30%. We began by having a professional commercial filmed and edited for the brand. Shortly after the commercial was complete, we learned the desired demographics they wanted to target and launched television commercials on national TV spread out on 5 various cable television networks. Yum Yum’s Gourmet Popcorn gained over 300 new customers and faces due to the effectiveness of the 3 month campaign.

What we did?

Website Development

Onpage SEO Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization


500 New Customers

8,000 Gross For Nov to Dec 2017