Label Development for Pure 150 Muzik

We created design and tested conversion rate

B&B Marketing/Management came up with a strategic plan to assist in development, branding and nationwide marketing. Streams and sales increased within the first three months of launching a campaign. Before a single was released with Pure 150 Muzik, our team set up a face to face meeting with our distribution partners in Nashville. We sat with the distribution team and discussed the needs for the label and came to a mutual agreement that benefited them the most. After, Pure 150 Muzik obtained their distribution deal, our team planned a release date and a campaign to focus on the single itself.

Branding was something that came easy with our team. With Pure 150 Muzik, the consumers wanted to see visuals from them on a consistent basis. Professional photo shoots and video shoots were conducted for singles, as well as for singles and album covers. Professional image and video helped set the label aside from the typical independent label. Promotional material was created to help raise the awareness and grow numbers across all social network outlets.

For nationwide marketing, we had our publicist arrange an engaging press release covering the newly released singles and videos from Pure 150 Muzik. Once the press release was ready, B&B Marketing/Management distributed the press release to the top blog sites, reaching millions plus. Not only did we cover the internet, the TV & radio were also covered during their campaign. Local radio stations and TV stations interviewed the label’s artist Acy. DJs, as well as program directors began to put the artist’s music in heavy rotation on their platforms.