K Jr Kaze Is Setting The Bar High

K Jr Kaze Strives For Better

K Jr Kaze Is Setting The Bar High For Papua New Guinea Talent

This isn’t just your ordinary rapper, he is an artist who likes to paint vivid pictures through his music and lyrics. Right now, K Jr Kaze is one of the top artists in his country, Papua New Guinea. His single “The Fade” has gained a lot of momentum.  His Spotify as a whole gained over 100,000 streams.

In addition to such remarkable success with his first two singles, the rapper is expected to be on Pandora sometime this year. How great is that?! Being from Papua New Guinea, there isn’t much opportunity to flourish, especially if you’re a rapper or musician. The rapper plans to visit the United States where he will shoot visuals to some of his singles as well as work on his independent film project titled, “The Situation”.

The film will center around a 3 single EP, which is expected to release later in the 2018 year. You can say that he is one busy guy! Does he even have time to sleep? K Jr Kaze works effortlessly day and night on new projects for the fans and hopes to create a favorite for each of them!

Also, word on the street is he is in search of a lovely leading lady to cast for “The Situation”. Could this be the rapper’s version of a High School Musical? Who knows! But there is rumored to be some highs and lows in the film. The rapper has been known to grace the TV screen a few times throughout his career, but this will be his very first time acting in a project of his own. K Jr Kaze may be known to some as the funny, outspoken and charismatic guy based on recent songs. Even in his personal life, K Jr Kaze still remains the same witty guy that the fans adore!

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